Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 - Interior Design Trending - Organic and warmer?


As noted in several articles regarding interior design published recently 2011 is predected to be a return to a simpler, more earthy, vintage look.  This is related to the continuing focus on "green" sourcing, and materials.  The economy is still attempting recovery and the uncertain future would lend a desire to "warm" spaces by using vintage, woods, and natural coloring.   It is about creating a more meaningful space, not so focused on Mcsuper-sized as it is on personalized.

Kathy Barlow:  (quoted from

In 2011, plums, purples, goldenrod and a greyed-down deep turquoise, will enrich a primarily neutral color palette. Natural and light wood tones will blend with found objects of character. Warmth will be added by colorful artisan creations, with more emphasis on reuse and recycling in art.

Spaces will reflect a thoughtful editing, driven by an economy that has made people question what they need, and the source of their decor. And manufacturers and suppliers will continue to give the consumer more control and participation in the design and customization of home decor and furnishings.

  Attitudes about decor reflect our values in the times we live in, as well as our reaction to the forces of the outside world.  We can both reflect the excitement of "new", and create spaces which allow us to escape or renew in the face of modern life.  As a result organic is used to balance technology, splashes of earthy color to reflect the modern speed and connectivity can be mixed. 

More evidence of this may be seen in this article:

As we decorate and purchase things for our homes we seek to reconcile the interior space with our perceptions of public life.  Work continues to be more technical, and change is a functional imperitive in the business of survival in economic chaos.  We see our home spaces as a place to get away, to reconnect with ourselves.  As the external world becomes more chaotic we choose surround ourselves with objects that reflect permanence - heirloom objects, or heavy wood peices, things that speak to memory and family.

  Wolf Creek Millworks is not slave to the whim of fashion.  We are not enamoured of the thinking of "so five minutes ago".  Natural and fuctional wood object are what we make.  We make them to be kept and passed on - to connect with the people who choose our designs for their homes.

  Our art bowls, candle-holders, shelving, mantles and other wood objects are both classic and timeless and in keeping with the organic, green-sourced, and completely unique decorating trends of our time.  Our items are all made by hand - by my family - and are sourced from environmentally preferrable timber that is found and/or harvested from urban or semi-urban tree cutting.

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